Factory Direct Furniture
Catalog Service


    By appointment in Louisville, Colorado.  Please call (303) 665-2596, or email: ggdirect@yahoo.com

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it usually take for the furniture to arrive?   This will vary and is affected by the amount of stock available and occasional shipping delays.  A "best guess" can be given to you for specific items and it is usually between 2.5 and 8 weeks.

2.  Where does the furniture ship to?   The furniture is shipped to a warehouse in Longmont, Denver, Colorado Springs, or Ft. Collins, depending on your location.

3.  Is home delivery available?   You can pick up the furniture yourself, or the receiving warehouse will deliver and set up the furniture in your home, at a discount from their usual moving fees. They will also haul the boxes and packing materials away, and are available to do any assembly, if requested. These companies are experts at handling fine furniture.

4.  Do you have a mail out catalog?   Sorry, the selection is just too large to be represented in one catalog.  Please call for an appointment and let us help you, or if you see something in a store that you like, call and ask if it is available!

5.  Do you have inventory?   Yes!  There are usually some highly discounted items available, although generally we special order items from the manufacturer catalogs for you. At your appointment, ask to see the current inventory catalog, or click here to see the current selection.

6. Do you ship out of your immediate area or out of state?   In order to maintain a high level of customer service and satisfaction, we have chosen to sell only to the Front Range area of Colorado,.  The Denver metro area, the Boulder area with its surrounding towns, and on up to Ft. Collins can be serviced, as well as many mountain towns.  However, if you are a previous customer who is moving to another area, or who has a vacation home outside of the area, we will try to accommodate you.

7. What if the furniture is damaged in shipment?   Factory Direct Furniture Catalog Service uses local repairmen with many years of experience.  If a repair or touch up is sufficient, the manufacturers send out any necessary parts and supplies.

8. What if the furniture does not work in my home?   You do need to be certain that the dimensions, fabrics, and finishes of the furniture are suitable, in advance of your purchase.  Factory Direct Furniture Catalog Service has finish samples of most lines and is happy to order any others for you, so that you can feel confident in your purchase.  All sales are final, although of course, any defects or damage will be addressed appropriately.

9.  I am interested in your iron beds with birds.  Can I have them shipped to my home in another state?  How do I find out more about the beds with birds?  The beds with birds are featured on their own website,  bedswithbirds.com , and CAN be shipped to your home anywhere in the lower 48 states.  Please check out bedswithbirds.com for more details, and also feel free to call 303 665-2596 with your questions.  In this age of computers and other technology, we still like to talk to our customers!  The quality, made in the USA, bird beds have many options: choose how many birds you would like, where they are placed, choose the finish on and style of your bed.  The beds come in all sizes, and are appropriate for children on up to great grandmothers!